Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is this 1Malaysia?

Last Wednesday , the prime minister has lauched the first kedai rakyat 1 Malaysia at Kelana Jaya LRT station. Well lots of people went over to join the meriah-ness. I suppose for the free foods and freebies too.

Two of my neighbours went. One of them went up to get the freebies. The malay lady (lady A) who was distributing told her that “ freebies out of stock”. But soon after, when a malay lady (lady B) went up to get her freebies, surprisingly lady A pass it to the lady B. My neighbor was pissed off, went up and tried to snatch the freebies from lady A’s hand. Not even feeling guilty, instead Lady A stared angrily at my neighbour.

Truly disappointed. Freebies - arent suppose to be free to everybody? 1 Malaysia, what do you think?

Saturday, June 04, 2011



Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A narrow escape

After a few years of study abroad, one will think that back to home has always been a bliss. yet i had a bad experience the other day. at the same time feeling rather ashamed for m'sia.

The story goes like this:

I was at the kl central lrt station heading to Times Square. When I was on my way to the monorail station, a 18 yrs old guy (Guy A) approached me and handed me a card-like envelope. So I thought it was some sort of promotional materials or flyer. I grabbed. When I was about to go, that guy asked me to peel open the envelope. so that if the words written in there is a "thank you", i should return to him. Without further ado, I asked him to open it up in front of me. mana tahu, the word "thank you" didnt appear. the word "special gift" appeared.

Then this Guy A faster congratulate me for winning this 'amazing prize'. soon after, he showed me a newspaper ads saying that this prize giveaway is a real thing. When he asked me " Did you come across such newspaper ads before?" i was like " hmm.. i just came back home (obviously where got time flip newspaper rite), so i didnt read newspaper " (its a very stupid idea of being honest here).

obviously he was thinking I'm a good target to cheat. Then came another two of his frens (a guy and a gal) to congratulate me. At that point, i was so blurred and freaked out. I told that gal i dont want the gift and I can give her the gift. She insisted no. Her reply was "miss, look at the rules, friends or families cannot claim on your behalf.." plus the gift has to be collected in 15 mins time. I tried to run away, but failed even how many times i claimed that i m in a rush.

Guy A make a phone call to his boss, saying that i won this 'amazing prize', then the boss asked me to come personally to Taman Desa to collect that prize. in fact, he told me that I could get there in 7 mins. I have no idea where taman desa is. (even though I live in KL for so long). I thought 7 mins should not be too far away from here. so I could run away easily.

Things get complicated. shit happen. the gal waved a taxi for me, asked that guy A to accompany me to Taman Desa. u wont believe that i actually followed that guy into the taxi. so i went. to taman desa. on the way, that guy was telling me all sort of procedures i need to do if i get a car or a tv blah blah blah. I didnt pay attention. was still figuring out how I could get away.

When we get there, the Guy A asked me to pay for the taxi. okay paid 11.50. When I think of it now, I should have run away once i get down the taxi. but still somehow I still can be so obedient and followed that guy up to an office. thankfully not a dodgy area. then came in the boss. He told me that i have to scan that envelope later on in order to reveal the gift that I will receive. It's going to be a car or plasma tv or air ticket for two..He even showed me a few pictures of those who had won the prize to gain my trust. soon after he told me " but...miss, on top of that, you have to pay 5% government tax. just like u go to KFC and u have to pay 5% tax." That guy must think that i'm an idiot or math dummy. a KFC meal the most only cost you less than 100, so the tax will only be few ringgit. I was thinking the prize now at least costs a few 10 thousands, so the tax must be a few thousands? so I asked the boss how much i have to pay when he said 5%. He showed me a table, the total tax that i have to pay is RM7000!

Straight after, i raised my voice. I told the boss i have no money to pay him 7000 and I dont want the gift anymore. at first, he still came out with a polite-tone-reply " miss, you dont have to be so angry, we give you an option to choose.." so then I insisted again I dont want to pay. Then the boss was annoyed. he raised his voice and scolded me of being lan si and walked off. I get even more pissed off. I raised my voice on that guy A "how can your boss talk to me in such a manner? it was so rude! is that how you do your business?". I walked out and slamped the door real hard. damn syiok. I ran out. to me its a victory :)

So i went back to the nearest bus stop. was trying to ask a lady who was waiting at the bus stop for directions. but you know malaysians, we are trained to beware of strangers. so she doesn't really want to bother me. First time in my life, I felt so lost. apparently lost in the jungle of kl. luckily i managed to get hold a taxi 2 mins later. I told the taxi driver " I am willing to pay you for any price as long as you bring me back to times square". So there goes another 12 bucks for the day.

Thankfully i am back in 1 piece. so moral of the story, whenever you are alone, beware of these idiots. what have happened to me might happen to someone else.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Year End Note

Year end is approaching. I believe this year has been my most productive year – why? Write too much, think too much, stress too much, play too little :P Cant believe it’s all over now. On cloud nine is no exception since I don’t have to wake up every morning moodily, struggle on my assignment; and wake up middle of the night or lose my appetite thinking of my endless coursework and deadlines. Those days were miserable…grrr

Time really flies! When I come to think of it, it seems to me that y’day was just my orientation week and now I am done with my Hons. Walking down this journey has never been easy. Yet I am thankful for all the learning opportunities. I actually feel grown-up, a whole lot this year J I can’t say thank you enough to all who helped me along the way and showed me the love, directly or virtually.

First I would love to thank my lecturers and supervisors for all the guidance and encouragement throughout the year. I reckon some gave me really a hard time to cope with, but I believe your intention has always been for my own benefit. To all my ever supporting family and friends, I am glad to have you around. Daddy & mummy were always worried that I will get depress and insane by Hons (so ask me go relax) while brother always asked me to play online games whenever I told him I m stress. Well, they are always lovely J

I shall not deny I own a bunch of awesome friends – those who are always there for my grumpiness and my never ending complaints (about how awful a lecturer can be, how badly I need a break, or how madly I wanted to give up.. etc). To my lovely zi mui across the world who have conveyed their love and encouragement endless-ly, I am truly moved. For those who have make me lovely dinner and desserts to brighten up my days (you know who you are J ), that is so sweet of youuuuu . For those who spare their times to review my thesis, thank you so much, I owe you for this.

Lastly, to someone who is my loyal fan :P, my awesome classmate and my loving buddy, my heartfelt thanks to you for always there to share my joy and sorrow, dry out my tears and pat my shoulder whenever I need it. U never fail to give me a boost, accompany me for meals or coffee or handle my crappy-ness etc etc (as the list goes on :D). I see your hard work and so do you. We have FINALLY make it! We shall never let our disappointment rule it out, after all we have tried, and tested our abilities and we should be proud of what we are today!

Thank you for this once a lifetime experience. Am truly grateful.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random :P

R.A.N.D.O.M things can just happen such as:

1) I was in the sunday market, bought 3 oranges. As i was making my payment to the vendor (a young lady), all in a sudden this young lady pop up with a question:
" Are you living in Wellington "
I hesitate for a while "Err...Yes..."
Then she continued.." Do you know any branded shop like LV around here?"
I paused and think " No.."
She was disappointed but then came up with another one " How about Gucci and Channel?"
I answered " Nope as well. We only have Calvin Klein..." (how sad is wellington :P)
ha how random is that young lady.did my face show that I shop branded stuff.. lol

2) One of my lecturers told me this. He received an email from his 2nd year students.

"Hi michael, you mention tutorial in your lecture. What is a Tutorial?" OMG... hahaha

3) Yday, a guy came and rang my house doorbell. I went to open the door.
He asked me " Is this a tutorial room?"
I was perplexed @.@ answered " nopeeeee..." (obviously..)
He can then asked me " What is this place?"
I was like (duh..) " my house! "
As if he just woke up " Ooh! sorry. (paiseh..) do you know where is 72 FT?"
I said no idea.. (in fact, i never know 72 FT exist)


Sunday, July 11, 2010


time really flies. especially happy moments :) i m super happy with my break :)) it had been an awesome holiday!! no further complain on that. if i do complain, probably u should come n slap me instead. lol
a new semester starting tomorrow, or should i say my last semester at nz? eee sound so sad .. :(
not very looking forward to it coz not very like it to go back to slog life :P oh well, human are just greedy sometimes... we always demand for more relaxing life :P
what min yu said was right, face it and go through it, not avoid it. about what is the 'it', only a few know what 'it' really is :P anyway, it's true in many cases. and i will hold this spirit for this coming semester.. i hope. constantly. haha
time to get back to some studies. will continue my blogging some other time when i m happy.
happy returning to school, peeps! all the best and work hard!